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About Röko

Röko is a perpetual owner of European businesses with strong market positions in their respective niches and good profitability. Our ambition is to acquire companies with profitable growth, asset-light balance sheets and great management teams. We empower the management team in each business with autonomy to ensure they are capable to continue to develop their business well. We focus on Continuous improvement in our group, each respective company and ourselves, and believe that this is achieved through Empowerment and Simplicity.

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Our approach

We invest equity capital in small- and medium-sized businesses with good profitability and strong market positions in growing markets.

We have a decentralized governance structure where we empower strong management teams and provide help and guidance when needed.

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Our companies

We have invested in profitable companies with strong market positions in their respective niche markets. Our companies are headquartered in Europe and active in several industry verticals within B2B and B2C markets.

Our Companies

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