Ethical Framework for Röko’s Business

Our decentralized governance model where each business unit is an independent entity with full autonomy for the local management team requires alignment on ethical values. Consequently, we require all business units to adhere to our Code of Conduct and to ensure that it is observed by all employees and key suppliers.

Röko’s Code of Conduct is written to serve as clear guidance in our and our business units’ day-to-day operations and as such underlines Röko’s fundamental principles for our behaviors and values. It covers the relationship with employees, customers, suppliers, society and environment as well as shareholders.

Key Pillars in our Code of Conduct – Respect, Transparency and Integrity

Respect for other persons and opinions

In all our stakeholder interactions, we treat everyone we meet as human beings of equal value regardless of position, race, religion, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, union membership, marital status or disability. Consequently, we also treat opinions raised in these stakeholder interactions with respect, regardless of whether we are of a different opinion or not.


Transparency is imperative for businesses to succeed, and it is therefore important that we foster a transparent environment. Transparency is imperative in dealings with internal and externa stakeholders alike.


In a fast-moving world with and ever-changing business environment, it is ever so important to have and hold on to ethical values. As such, our Code of Conduct provides tools to ensure the best possible decision is made in every single case, with a strictly rational basis for decision.

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