Ability to sustain, or improve, in perpetuity

Röko is an owner of companies with leading positions in their niche markets. We want to own the companies in perpetuity and hence need to ensure sustainable competitive advantages.

We incorporate sustainability in our assessment of possible acquisitions to understand their long-term competitive position. Our sustainability assessment incorporates environmental, social and governance aspects and forms decision-making as well as the agenda for each company in our group and will be further explained below.

Strong governance provides sustainable and social actions

We believe in the people we invest in, both in the management teams of our operating companies and in the employees across our group. We believe that decentralized governance yields sustainable benefits for our employees and the environment.
Decentralization means the world to us. Röko would not be able to operate without professional and effective management teams, team leaders, and workers that are capable and empowered to make decisions. Decentralization enables fast decision-making close to the customer and enables companies to be agile and attentive to changing markets. While autonomy provides good corporate practice towards customers, we believe that employee satisfaction improves as people feel purpose from having a direct impact on their own work. Decentralization reduced the personnel risk across the Röko group as most individuals’ work can be performed by one or a few people already in the organization.

In 2021 we reported a total of zero (0) accidents to Arbetsmiljöverket and their respective agencies in the other countries where we are active.

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